Certified Pre-Owned Program

Attract Buyers Likes Flies To Your Listings... And Watch Your Homes Practically Sell Themselves!

Want to sell more or your listings? Want to sell them FASTER with LESS EFFORT?

It’s a known fact that the ‘Seal of Approval’ stamp increases desirability and sales with ANY product or service.

Just think Better Business Bureau. AAA Approved. Good Housekeeping.

When you hear any of these names and brands, you feel safe and secure. They stand for dependability, reliability, assurance...and they instill COMFORT, CONFIDENCE, and PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP in the hearts and minds of buyers.

With Pre-Owned Home Certification, you provide these same premium benefits and selling incentives to both your sellers AND your buyers.

You’ve worked so hard to get the listing. Why not get put the stamp of approval on your home with the Certified PreOwned Home Program?

Sell more homes. Sell more homes FASTER. Sell more homes for MORE money.
Sell more homes. Sell more homes FASTER. Sell more homes for MORE money.

Here’s what you get with the Certified PreOwned Home Program (CPOP):

  • Faster home sales
  • Shorter days on market
  • Certified homes sell 28 days faster and
  • Certified homes sell for 4.8% more money
  • Certified homes ELIMINATE the competition on the listing appointment
  • CPOP Training Material...get your listing certified in no time
  • CPOP Marketing Material...your sellers will love you for this
  • Done-for-You Presentation slides for your listing appointments...impress and close

Take Action and Get Instant Access to the Program Everyone is Talking About!

Certified Pre-Owned Program: 50% Off Plus Bonuses

$97.00 USD